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How Casserole Club encourages elderly care through sharing of food.

Casserole Club is a service operating in the UK and Australia that was started by FutureGov.

The premise behind it is to connect locals who want to cook meals with elderly residents who would benefit from some home-cooked food and some social interaction.

The service which has had over 7000 people sign up for it works because it matches the needs of both parties. Volunteer cooks are already cooking meals at home and all they need to do is make an extra portion. They are motivated by the desire to help and to strengthen their local communities. Elderly residents are thankful for the company and the social interaction, with many of them considering the volunteer cooks as friends.

This is a lovely model for how communities could develop natural ways to deal with an aging population, and similar to the McDonalds story, the volunteers can serve as a lifeline to monitor the health and wellbeing of the elderly in their communities.

For a similar service centered around food, see Shareyourmeal.

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