Foxes and Planes

How CrowdMed helps doctors deliver better care by distributing the load.

CrowdMed is an interesting service that helps patients receive potential diagnoses for their symptoms through the wisdom of the crowd.

A major issue with the healthcare system is the overworking of physicians. Particularly in the US, many physicians are forced to see more and more patients per day in order to make enough money to keep their practice running.

Aside from the obvious stress of seeing so many patients, the problem is also that it’s often difficult to really give patients their due diligence. Couple that with the fact that some patients suffer from diseases that many doctors may have never encountered before except in their med school studies and you start to see how many patients may not be getting the best care possible.

CrowdMed helps to address this issue by empowering the patient to take control of their situation and receive some answers from ‘medical detectives’ around the globe. These ‘detectives’ are Med Students, practicing professionals and other medical experts. Patients receive 3 likely diagnoses that they can take to their physician for further testing.

Ego aside, this approach helps patients and physicians alike. Tapping the expertise of other professionals, physicians ultimately deliver better care, and patients are more likely to get the treatment they deserve.

It’s a win-win-win

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