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How Hamdam provides critically important information to Iranian women in secret.

Hamdam is an app that helps women in Iran track their periods.

However, it is actually much more than that. In reality, in addition to period-tracking (which it strives to do well by adapting to local needs and practices) the app also covertly provides women with critical information on STD’s, sexual harassment, rape, and marriage related issues.

This seems to be another instance of providing the right information at the right time, particularly by creating safe spaces for women to receive that information.

In this case, the information is hidden in the form of an app that is conveniently available on Android, the most popular smartphone platform in Iran, and also as an apk through email and popular messaging platform Telegram.

Similar projects that achieved similar safe spaces are Frog Design’s project in South Africa, The DFID’s work in Zimbabwe, and Vodafone’s Red Light app in Turkey.

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