Foxes and Planes

How Library for All is improving access to education around the world by capitalizing on existing resources.

Library for All is a Non-Profit that started when Rebecca McDonald moved to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. She was struck by the fact that most local schools had less than 30 books each. Worse, these books were not allowed to leave the premises.

Rebecca noticed an opportunity to solve this issue with ebooks.

The market had been changing and mobile phone networks were constantly expanding and becoming more reliable. Devices were also becoming more affordable, accessible and efficient.

What’s interesting about Library for All’s approach, is that they are not hardware providers. They work with local organizations that have expertise in the areas they are entering to identify existing technological resources within those communities. Then they adapt their platform and service to function smoothly on that hardware.

This way they are not only able to establish strong working relationships with local partners, but they are able to do the most good by capitalizing on resources that already exist so there is less of a financial barrier to access.

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