Foxes and Planes

How Samasource created an education model that’s also a first job for someone moving out of poverty.

As technology continues to evolve, more and more jobs will be at risk of disappearing. And this means we will need to find ways to train people to learn new skills that they can apply towards new kinds of work.

Samasource employs a similar model for low-income people in all parts of the globe. They break up complicated data projects into micro tasks and employ people to complete them – creating a digital assembly line.

But not only do they provide a job, they also train people in the skills they are applying and digital literacy. This gives their workers the transferable skills and experience they need to move on to better economic futures.

It’s a form of education as a job. At the end, you don’t get a diploma, you have actual work experience and new skills.

Below image from the Samasource website

Diagram of Samasource’s impact.

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