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How school districts in St. Louis and Fairfield, California tackle attendance with laundry.


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You’ll here over and over again that the path to betterment is through education and knowledge. And Education is a very contested space. And there are many barriers that students face to education, and many of these often take priority over school.

It’s amazing though to read stories such as this┬áin which some school districts were able to increase attendance for some students by 90%. This happened when former principal of Gibson Elementary School Dr. Melody Gunn realized through talking to her student’s parents that access to laundry was a serious issue for them. After approaching Whirlpool to donate a washer and dryer to her school, Whirlpool conducted some independent research and discovered that this was actually a pervasive problem. So they started the Whirlpool Care Counts Program.

The lesson here is that although there are countless factors that often determine peoples actions, sometimes it’s the very personal ones that matter most. In this instance, a major factor for kids deciding to go to class or not, is whether they have a clean shirt to wear.

Whirlpool isn’t solving systemic poverty or keeping parents from working multiple jobs to pay bills, but they are helping students make the decision to keep moving forward.

Let’s dig beneath the surface and really see people f

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