Foxes and Planes

How Shareyourmeal fosters entrepreneurship and creates stronger communities.

Shareyourmeal is a social enterprise that was started in Amsterdam in 2012.

Marieke Hart was sitting in her backyard with her husband when they smelled something delicious coming from their neighbor’s house. They had lived there 3 years and had yet to meet that neighbor. Marieke thought that it would be wonderful to walk over with some plates and money and come back with a delicious meal and a new relationship with the neighbor. Well, they did just that and it worked out wonderfully.

That’s how Shareyourmeal came into being. Since then their growth has been steady as they have expanded to other geographies.

Projects like these allow people to supplement their income and have more interaction with neighbors and other residents. In premise, it’s similar to the Casserole Club where volunteers can cook meals for elderly residents in the neighborhood. Both projects help to make stronger, more resilient communities.

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