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How the Guardian team encourages internal brainstorming.

Came across this piece on the Guardian’s website about how they run creative sprints to develop new service and product ideas.

This involves belonging together a lot of different disciplines for a multi day workshop. It involves user centric thinking, and of course it involves brainstorming.

One of these difficult things about User centric brainstorming, is getting people comfortable with presenting ideas. Which is why I love the way the workshop leaders addressed this challenge at Guardian.

They assigned the members “bad idea homework.”

They gave individuals personas, and asked them to come up with awful ideas for these people – because they realized that there is a lot of pressure to come up with a great idea, but everyone feels like they can come up with a bad one.

The caveat however is that even coming up with a bad idea for a person, involves empathy. Allowing them to have the conversation about “why” that’s a bad idea, opening the discussion to good ideas.

Photo below is from the guardian article about all the differently ideas they generated in this workshop. 50+

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