Foxes and Planes

How the Royal Ontario Museum uses Tinder to delight and engage audiences.

Many cultural institutions are facing tremendous pressure. As time passes it becomes clearer that younger generations do not engage with them in the same ways. In many cases, their funding too comes from older patrons. These institutions need to find ways to engage younger audiences and create new relationships.

That’s why it’s a pleasure to read about the ROM in Toronto engaging audiences through Tinder.┬áThe museum created a Tinder profile for their T-Rex. Targeting users within 2km of the museum and having some exceptionally witty banter (game), the museum hopes to increase walk-ins and overall knowledge of their events.

The ROM understands that they need to continuously evolve their marketing approach to engage users where they are. In addition to Tinder, they also maintain Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts. They also understand that they need to be human in their interactions.


Follow the link above to see some of the conversations they have with other users.

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