Foxes and Planes

How WPP created digital safe spaces for women to get access to an important service.

In so many instances, the greatest way to help people is to get them the right information at the right time and allow them to help themselves.

That’s why the work by WPP for the Vodafone Red Light Campaign is so powerful.

They set out to help women deal with instances of domestic violence, but in order to do that they needed to find a way to help inform women without alerting men.

Similar in essence to the Frog Design project in South Africa and the DFID project in Zimbabwe, WPP needed to create a safe space that would allow their target audience to actually be able to hear and act on the message that was being provided.

They created very feminine videos on topics like make up application that they uploaded to the web. In the middle of the videos, when it was extremely unlikely that any man was still watching, they introduced the Vodafone Red Light app and explained how it could be used by women to alert trusted allies about a domestic violence situation they were experiencing in the moment. They also directed women to the videos through different channels such as posters in women’s restrooms, tags in feminine underwear, and hidden in waxing strips.

All in all a brilliant way to reach their target audience while ensuring that they are in a safe environment to receive and act on the information.

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